A proposition to admin

By Joe Burima

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Two weeks ago the Department of Athletics here at the U of C brought media attention to the possibility that up to 14 varsity teams may have to be cut from our athletics program, due to continued lack of funding. Our president Harvey Weingarten responded with a letter, essentially scolding the Athletics Department for forcing the matter, by making it a “public issue.” Well Harvey, I for one think that it is about time someone at this university made budget-cuts and lack of government funding a “public issue.” Personally, I believe that it is important for the people of Alberta to know about the tough financial times that their post-secondary institutions are going through, and not just during provincial elections. Though it is possible that the varsity teams athletic programs may not be in such dire-straights, I commend the Athletics Department for going to the media to discuss the issue, instead of spending more time dealing with an administration that has been unwilling to listen to its own faculties.

But perhaps I am being too negative. Harvey, I say put your new found enthusiasm to protect our under-funded teams to good use. Let’s forget about simply sustaining our suffering sports programs, lets expand them. How about a University of Calgary funded dodgeball team! We can have our season opener next Friday in Mac Hall. You can gather a team of seven like-minded senior level officials from the University of Calgary, and I’ll find seven students from seven separate faculties that are suffering continued cutbacks, that you have helped implement. I know it’s pretty short notice, but I should not have any problems finding eager volunteers. Oh, and Harvey, don’t worry. In light of your recent actions, and, for that matter, inaction, I’ll be sure to bring the balls.

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