Board of Governors: Leon Prebeau-Menezes

It seems like Prebeau-Menezes would make a fair BoG representative in Alberta’s corporate-centric society. His views center on seeking help from companies to combat rising tuition and declining quality within the university. While the solution appears ideal, it unfortunately dismisses the importance of non-corporate academia.

There is no doubt Prebeau-Menezes would do all he could to help faculties like Engineering and the Haskayne School of Business, but it seems the Arts and Sciences–faculties traditionally receiving less corporate support–would be marginalized.

Prebeau-Menezes also wants to see more undergraduate representation on BoG and plans to create another representative position. While noble, the antagonistic nature of the undergrad rep position also makes it lofty, possibly too lofty to achieve in such a short span of time.

This goal conflicts with his key interests which lie outwards, towards the corporate community.

The goals posited by Prebeau-Menezes are inspired and knowledgeable, but the interests of undergrads are not addressed by his ideas. The board probably has members seeking corporate funding, so his intended actions may be superfluous.

‘”What I suggest in my platform is more corporate funding is needed. We need to get more business and show them how student life is.”

What student issues or viewpoints will you represent on BoG?

“The major one, of course, is tuition. Also, I believe we need more representation from the student body on the BoG.”

Why should the students care about the SU BoG representative position?

“We have to make our voice known. That is why I’m saying that we need to go to the corporate sector, not only to get more funding, but also to make sure the issue stays throughout the year.”