Appalling pic

By Sarah Luyendyk

Editor, the Gauntlet,

It is appalling to see the display of the dancer’s breasts and vulva on page 5 of the Gauntlet. This image seems to be justified on the pretext that it is giving recognition to the Sexual Health Awareness show staged last week. However, what is being shown is a lack of respect and discretion on the part of the Gauntlet.

I am certain that a picture could be acquired that represented the Sex Show without having to display immodestly a woman’s most intimate parts. As the newspaper that informs and represents the university student body the Gauntlet has a responsibility to act in a professional matter [sic], in showing discretion, respect and sensitivity to the issues and for its viewers. What we have is a woman being portrayed indecently and as a mere object.

It is these kinds of images that serve to devalue women. I believe the picture was highly inappropriate to be displayed in the Gauntlet, in this form.

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