Students seek help in battle against breast cancer

By Katie Hobday

Two University of Calgary students are volunteering their time to help fight breast cancer. Gilbert Bong and Doreen Ng are trying to raise awareness and recruit volunteers on campus for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, a 60 kilometre walk supporting breast cancer research.

The walk has taken place in several Canadian cities, including Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and will be in Calgary the weekend of Aug. 12-14. Proceeds from the walk will go to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Bong was inspired to get involved after learning of the event through Ng, who lost her mother to cancer.

“Doreen took the initiative to volunteer her time,” explained Bong. “A week later I joined her, and I quickly realized this was something special. Since we are on campus we thought it would be perfect to help promote the event here.”

The pair will be in MacEwan Hall on Fri., Apr. 1 promoting the event.

“The event is definitely looking for a lot of volunteers,” said Bong. “This will give students a chance to improve their resumes while contributing to a great cause.”

The couple are particularly devoted to the issue because of Ng’s mother.

“I remember very clearly how a lot of us who grew up together really came together during that time of crisis,” he said. “It was so unexpected, and it impacted Doreen’s life so profoundly.

“Cancer can happen to anyone. This event is a great way to make a difference.”

There are many ways to lend support–taking part in the walk, volunteering to help out at the event, or sponsoring a participant. Those partaking in the walk must have a minimum donation of $2,000, encouraging friends, family and supporters to donate whatever they can.

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