CJSW agreement finalized… finally

By Naomi Sturtridge

After a 10 year journey filled with constant deliberation and obstacles, the operating agreement between campus radio station, CJSW, and the Students’ Union was finally signed on Wed., Apr. 13. The signed agreement, which focuses on refining the SU media bylaws, is the last step in beginning the construction process for a new CJSW space.

“The agreement outlines the relationship between CJSW and the SU for the next ten years,” explained CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders. “It is important because it outlines the obligations, responsibilities and gains for both CJSW and the SU in the construction process.”

Despite the long wait for the signing of a finalized agreement, Saunders is prepared to begin construction of the new space by the summer, with hopes of construction being completed within eight to 10 months. Saunders also stated that the first step to beginning the construction process was setting up an agenda.

“We have been waiting for the new space for 30 years, the more organized we are, the easier the move will be,” said Saunders. “By the end of the summer we hope to have working plans, a tender schedule, blueprints and have determined who is taking care of the actual construction.”

As organized as Saunders may be, relocation may still rest on co-operation from the university administration. One of the major needed developments is the installation of the heating and air conditioning vent system that will be shared by CJSW, the multi-faith prayer space and campus television, NUTV.

“The university has committed to making the necessary upgrades for the multi-faith space,” said SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Greg Clayton. “Hopefully this will include both CJSW and NUTV.

Although the definite dates that construction will begin and end are unknown, Saunders remains optimistic.

“We’ve done the laundry, it’s hanging out to dry and now all we’ve got to do is fold it and put it into our brand new set of dresser drawers.”


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