Sick and twisted tales of student crime

By Emily Senger

Three reported break and enters, a thwarted arson attempt and a number of mischievous high school youth livened up the relatively slow month of June for University of Calgary Campus Security.

The summer months mean fewer students on campus but the increase in outside users for convocations and graduations can lead to security altercations, according to Campus Security Assistant Manager Ken Kress.

“Youth were witnessed knocking down a stop sign by the Dining Centre during their grad,” said Kress. Campus Security was alerted, but graduation supervisors dealt with the youth.

Convocations during June brou-ght thousands of people to campus but extra security were brought in to deal with the increased number of people. All convocation events went smoothly.

In another act of mischief, an arson attempt was deterred thanks to the efforts of a passerby.

“A fire was set deliberately in the garbage enclosure in family housing but, a good samaritan extinguished the fire,” explained Kress.

After putting out the fire before it caused any damage, the witness alerted campus security who were able to apprehend the person responsible.

In addition, there were the usual run of the mill break and enters, which resulted in a net loss of more than $30,000–fairly standard amount for June, according to Kress.

“We had three break and enters and some items were stolen, mainly computers and office equipment,” said Kress. “Theft is always our biggest problem and it always will be.”

Kress urged students riding their bikes to campus during the summer to take precautions to ensure they are not the next victims of theft.

“Make sure you use a good quality lock,” encouraged Kress. “A two dollar lock isn’t good enough. And, attach it to a bike rack.”

Even the heavy duty U-lock may not be a deterrent to a determined thief. Kress explained thieves have been known to freeze locks using liquid nitrogen and then break them off.

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