DC to get makeover

By Emily Senger

Images of Lunch Lady Doris with her hair net and stained apron serving up slop from behind a cafeteria line are enough to make even the bravest of frosh residence students quiver in fear.

Students in traditional residence have no need to be afraid, come September they will have a happier, cleaner place to fill their plastic trays with food. The Dining Centre is currently undergoing renovations under the direction of Chartwells.

“The most significant major change is the overhaul of the food service area to create a much more open and clean space,” said Director of Residence Services Joel Lynn.

Other renovations include replacing the carpet, new tables and the addition of a small lounge area with a fireplace and comfortable seating on the west of the Alberta Room.

“The food server area will look very, very different,” said Lynn. “It’s a very modern approach to food service delivery. There will be a lot more fresh food in a more clean, modern environment.”

A new menu and staff-training program will add to the ambiance of the renovated Dining Centre, according to Chartwells Senior Director Food Services Jan Morel.

“We’ll supply a menu with lots of variation, food will be prepared freshly and staff will be trained to make it feel like a home,” said Morel. “Value to us is that you’re getting a quality product, nice atmosphere and good service.”

Student input was an important part of the Dining Centre renovation process. Representatives from Chartwells took their plans to residence students before approving the final project.

Morel said the student consultation process will be also be used to make menu changes at Legacy’s, though the renovation’s focus is on the Alberta Room.

The Dining Centre is scheduled to re-open Mon., Sept. 5 when new students move into traditional residence.

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