Spun: Slim Thug

By Josh Markle

Houston businessman Slim Thug enters the commercial rap world with his lacklustre debut album Already Platinum. Though the album’s name is a little presumptuous, it refers more to Slim Thug’s already lavish lifestyle rather than record sales. This is an important distinction to make for there is a definite correlation between being a have-not and making good rap.

It isn’t his ghetto fabulous life mucking up Platinum. Slim Thug simply sucks. He does rattle off a few amusing lines such as “I change time zones more than hoes change clothes” but everything else is just some rich guy spitting masturbatory, unoriginal lyrics. Actually, scratch spitting, it’s more like dribbling in some dialect halfway between a thick Southern drawl and a speech impediment.

The only reason this album will achieve any commercial success is because The Neptunes produced it, and their work here is admittedly pretty slick. It’s just a shame they don’t devote their efforts to more worthy material. Bottom line: if you want rap from Houston, don’t look outside the 5thH Ward.


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