Film Fest: Grizzly Man

In Grizzly Man director Werner Herzog documents the tragic attempt of filmmaker and cult-celebrity Timothy Treadwell to live with and protect a group of Alaskan Grizzly bears. Largely relying on Treadwell’s own footage the film paints a portrait of a man with an unbreakable conviction and love for animals but also crippling mental problems. The film’s subtle beauty juxtaposes Treadwells deteriorating state of mind and inability to properly understand what is happening around him. Treadwell spent 13 summers living among Grizzlies before eventually being eaten, along with his girlfriend. It is devastating to watch such an experienced woodsman make one foolish mistake after another before his ultimate demise. Expertly done and incredibly gorgeous, Grizzly Man is a touching, jarring, occasionally humourous and unavoidably sad must see.