By Jason Publack

Editor, the Gauntlet

[Re: “Boylove” letters]

After reading the responses to your pedophilia article of two weeks ago I feel the need to respond. I would like to applaud the Gauntlet’s coverage of this topic.  Rather than pass judgment on this sub-culture of deviants, you’ve allowed your readers the opportunity to recognize and understand this culture in their own terms of morality and ethics.  Nowhere, as some readers implied, do you indicate the Gauntlet values this culture, or even condones the practice it celebrates.  Without this article I would have no perception of pedophilia as practiced worldwide and in our own country.  Those who maintain that this topic should be suppressed based on its illegality are confused; one cannot avoid talking about legalizing marijuana, lowering the age for alcoholic consumption or validating solicitation just because these things are illegal.

Thank you for opening my eyes to this world; even as a future English teacher I had no idea.  I hope that future articles continue to explore this issue.

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