Hancock’s Equalization

By Alyssa Morrell

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Although I support the sentiment of Minister Hancock’s K-14 program, as a student I wonder if there aren’t better ways to contribute to equalization of access to education in Alberta. I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree, and wish to continue on to a master’s program, but because my debt has already surpassed $33,000, my ability to do so is limited. I came from a very economically disadvantaged family and was orphaned at 15, so obviously family resources are not an option for me. I’m not saying “poor me,” and I’m not denouncing the benefits of exposure to post-secondary education, but I am saying that those of us who truly want to be here will find a way. Here’s an idea: why not pay for the last two years of our degrees? Why not encourage students to finish their degrees instead of wasting money on people who are just going to do it for the two years because it’s free, then drop out.

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