Give yourself a hug

By Turab Hasan

Editor, the Gauntlet

It might sound like a cliche, but like a lot of the other citizens of Canada just four years ago I came to Calgary, Alberta from Karachi, Pakistan. Earlier this month my country was hit by a natural disaster killing over 40,000 people, injuring more than 60,000 and leaving a stunning three million people homeless. I remember Thanksgiving long weekend where I sat at home shocked over the images displayed on TV and readings posted over the internet. I felt so helpless, wanting to jump out and help the destitute people of the affected region in anyway I could.

I mobilized the Pakistani Students’ Society and within a couple of days the Pakistani Students’ Society setup a booth in Mac Hall to collect money for the victims. People from all walks of life came out in big numbers and helped our cause. Within two days we accumulated $4,300. This amount overwhelmed me. Sitting in Mac Hall we were able to raise $4,300 which will be doubled by the federal government. This was absolutely amazing. Clubs such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Muslim Student Association, Indian Student Association, Iranian Student Association and the Calgary Ismaili Student Association came out big with their support.

I wanted to offer thanks, appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the Pakistani Student Society to each and every individual who contributed in various ways; time, spirit, enthusiasm, prayers, and monetarily. I just found out that the Alberta Government is donating $5 million. Thank you Ralph Klein. I am a proud Albertan, a proud Calgarian and really proud to be studying at the U of C! Thank you everyone!

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