Spun: Nickelback

By Emily Senger

The Kroeger brothers are taking over the world! Well, at least you’d think so by turning on any radio station to hear the Hannah, Alberta brothers and their Nickelbacked brethren crooning “Photograph,” the first single off All the Right Reasons.

In true Nickelback style, all of the songs on the new album blur together into one undesirable mass of electric guitars, more electric guitars and Chad Kroeger’s throaty moaning. Nickelback uses these 11 songs to prove they’ve mastered their two styles of songs. The first is dueling guitar garage rock with an irritatingly repetitive chorus line while the second encompasses slightly less intense guitar ballads with an equally irritating chorus. Hooray for diversity!

For Nickelback fans, All the Right Reasons will delight with its liberal helpings of more of the same. Otherwise, listen to their two played-to-death songs on any radio station and you’ve pretty much heard the rest of the album, or, to be honest, their entire catalogue.

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