Winning and tying, but not losing

By Selnes and Bogle

The Dinos were spicy as their red-hot streak continued. At the University of Lethbridge on Fri., Oct. 21, they were simply too hot to handle as they burned the Pronghorns with a 1-0 victory. Although they didn’t have the steam to fire off another win at home Sun., Oct. 23, they tied the University of Victoria Vikes.

Friday, our lady Dinos traveled down south, and weren’t disappointed with their performance. They came out full of spirit and might, taking advantage of the Pronghorns early in the game. Anna Hayes provided the climax, scoring in the 38th minute. This was all the Dinos would need to likely put the Pronghorns’ playoff dreams to bed.

The Sunday sundaes were sweeter in the DC than the Dinos’ performance on the field. It was a tight and scoreless first half, with little domination from either side.

The game picked up in the second half when the Dinos finally found the back of the net in the 58th minute. Sue Wandler’s corner kick navigated its way through the pack of players in front of the net to Erin Ramsay. Her shot knocked the Vikes’ goalkeeper across the line, leaving her bitter and resentful. But Ramsay, too, left the pitch bitter; she picked up a red card and was ejected from the game.

The Vikes regrouped and were rewarded for their efforts with a goal in the 84th minute. The Dinos just didn’t have enough time to answer and, as the final whistle blew, the score remained 1-1. It was a good showing by the Dinos, who proved that they can play with the best in the west.

The Dinos swing out west for a rematch with the Vikes Thu., Oct. 27 and a game against the Trinity Western University Spartans Sat., Oct. 29. They will hopefully bring home a nine-game undefeated streak.