Bush defenseless

By Fiona McLean

Editor, the Gauntlet

[Re: “In defense of Bush” November 3, 2005]

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the plight of George W. Bush. Little did I know what psychological torture the beloved president was enduring for the mistakes others made after Hurricane Katrina.

I really appreciate how you stick up for the little man in the aftermath of this disaster. You are right, although Georgie put Mr. Brown, a supremely underqualified person as director of the largest federal disaster agency, he should not bear the mistakes that Mr. Brown made. Although FEMA is the sole federal body that creates disaster response infrastructure (and since 9/11 this has been GWB’s obsession), he should not take the blame for a federal agency’s blunders. Although FEMA is the only federal agency who reports directly to the president, Georgie shouldn’t take the blame for poorly supervising such an insignificant agency.

Good thing the man is coated with teflon and everyone knows about the “liberal media bias” so all that blame won’t really mean anything in the end.

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