Show some respect

By Shari Ingalls

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Last Friday, I saw something that disturbed me. I saw a clear case of vandalism and lack of respect from one group or individual toward another. I am referring to the vandalism of the Campus Pro-Life club’s display in the clubs’ display case. Many stickers were pasted to the outside of the display saying things like, “no vagina, no opinion” and “keep your opinion out of my uterus.”

In a university environment, we are taught to value freedom of speech. As responsible adults and citizens of Canada, we ought to value tolerance and respect. What I witnessed contravened these values.

Regardless of the position you take on the issue of abortion, there is a right way and wrong way to express that position. Any SU-sanctioned club is free to use the display case provided they book it in advance with the clubs coordinator. This is what I presume the Campus Pro-Life group did.

Undoubtedly, an issue this controversial is bound to rouse strong emotions. A respectful and tolerant outlet for these emotions could be a letter to the editor of the Gauntlet, a signed protest to the clubs coordinator, or a formal protest to the SU. Instead, at least one individual took it upon themselves to vandalize a piece of public property–anonymously. This is inappropriate in any setting, but especially at a university.

The future of Canada is ours to create. I aim to promote a future full of respect for all people, regardless of differing ideologies.

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