Music Preview: Workman coming

By Garth Paulson

Two virtuosos of live performance are making their way to Calgary. The always captivating Hawksley Workman invades MacEwan Hall along with up-and-comers Cuff the Duke as part of Molson’s Molson Canadian Rocks the Campus promotion Thu., Nov. 10.

The show marks Workman’s return to Calgary after delighting fans as a headliner at the 2005 Calgary Folk Festival. Cuff the Duke recently delivered a blistering set full of songs of their new eponymous sophomore release at the Liberty Lounge. Both acts possess a flair for performance not to be missed.

“I did a lot of theatre when I was young, and I end up draining some of that ‘theatreness’ into what I do when I play this rock and roll music,” Workman told the Gauntlet in 2001. “Those are really magical moments when a willing audience and a willing performer come together, so the artist can’t take all the credit.”

The show is a private party being put on by Molson. Den staff have been given a select number of passes, they began dispensing them Wed., Nov. 2 and will continue to do so until Fri., Nov. 4.


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