GSA food drive hopes to ease holiday crunch

By Katy Anderson

Hungry? With tuition costs still rising many students need help, especially during the holidays.

The Graduate Students’ Association is on the case with their annual food drive. On Thu., Dec. 15 GSA will be hosting a free Mac and Cheese lunch in ICT from noon to 1 p.m. to gather food and toiletry items.

“This is important because it’s not only a chance to help each other,” said GSA interim Communications Officer Michelle Reed. “It’s a chance to show the government and public that when there is an outcry about tuition costs, it’s because the students need help.”

Of the 509 people who used the food bank last year, 87 per cent were full-time students, said Students’ Union Volunteer Services Manager Sue Wilmot.

“During the holidays people give the most but there is a need all year round,” she said.

Last year the GSA was successful in raising over $12,000 in cash donations. This year they hope to top that, as well as collect over 1,000 items.

“The more students give, the more we can give back to the students living in poverty,” said Reed.

Students that miss the Mac and Cheese can contribute by buying raffle tickets for ‘Holiday Cheer Baskets’ filled with beer and wine. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5, available at the GSA office. There will also be a party for all students at the GSA office on the Fri., Dec. 16. Students are encouraged to bring food or toiletry items.

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