F+ not a real grade

By Burgundy Biletski

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: Dinos’ field hockey review, December 8, 2005]

As usual, I found the Gauntlet disappointing and inaccurate.  It is clear that writers for the Gauntlet do not do any research what so ever.  I demand that our team is apologized to immediately for the horrible inaccurate article that was written in this week’s Gauntlet.  I am interested to know how many games our “sports writer” (if you can even call him that) attended.  I also enjoyed how he failed to notice major achievements of our team. It is obvious that all he likes to do is make people look bad. I’m sure he is a fine athlete… It is clear from his writings he has never achieved anything athletically in his whole life.  I would just like to mention that I picked up this article on my first day back from the Pan Am Cup for indoor field hockey. I played for Canada and so did my assistant coach (a former Dino). We won gold and Canada now qualifies for the indoor world cup. Canada women’s team has never been to the world cup for indoor; however, the Gauntlet would not be interested in something like that as it is positive. Why would a school newspaper want to promote its sports teams when it can bash them? The answer is simple, the Gauntlet is complete trash.

The Gauntlet writes about our team; however they do not know how our sport works, they do not know how our conference runs, how we practice and fundraise, they know nothing about us. All the Gauntlet knows about us is what they have fabricated in their own little minds. They neglect to say that two of us were Canada West All Stars and that we had one CIS All Canadian on the first team and one player on the second team as well. Maybe the Gauntlet should start doing some research for a change? I know I would like to see it. 

I hope to see that apology ASAP. I am sick and tired of this bullshit. I was disappointed that nobody was in the office today to talk to me, hiding is a good tactic but you can’t do it forever.

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