Ballers on cloud number 11

By Sean Nyilassy

While there’s no evidence that in the wild a Dinosaur would devour a Bobcat, a controlled experiment in the Jack Simpson Gymnasium has indicated that would be the case. In other words, the Dinos women’s basketball team didn’t cut the Brandon University Bobcats much slack in their games Jan. 6-7.

Friday night’s game played out like red rover between the grade sixes and grade ones. By the half, the Dinos had already accumulated a 40-18 lead. While the Dinos lead by as much as 41 in the second, the final score was an impressive 75-39.

Michelle Willson and Jamie Morck lead the team with 15 points, six rebounds and 14 points, seven rebounds respectively. Tanya Hautala, while remaining below the radar for points, had six steals. Whitney Haswell led the game in boards with eight while adding the same number of points. The Dinos more than doubled the Bobcats’ shooting percentage.

“[The games] reinforced things we already know about what we’re good at,” commented Lindsay Maundrell, pointing out that Saturday’s game did not begin well because the man-on-man defense was not their style.

“It reaffirmed that we’re best as an up-tempo team that runs presses and traps,” confirmed Head Coach Shawnee Harle.

Saturday night, our ladies began the game with man-to-man coverage–a strategy they have not attempted since the early season. It became evident quickly that this defense was not going to work; the same Bobcats team from the previous eve was up 31-37 at the half. However, there was some major regrouping in the change room and our ladies came out ready to take the win.

But just how do you make up for a half like their first? Try a 60-point second half on for size. A little too baggy? Too bad, that’s the way the cool kids are wearing it these days. And don’t forget to accessorize. The lady Dinos used their ice to cool the Bobcats to a 19-point second half.

This fashion super-show secured the Dinos a 91-56 win. Maundrell made the runway hers with 23 points, nine rebounds and five steals. Also touching double digits were Willson, Courtney Coyle and Katherine Adams with 18, 13 and 11 points respectively.

“The break made a difference,” Coyle said of the holidays. “We had a chance to recuperate and come back better than ever.”

The wins helped the Dinos continue an 11-game winning streak, eight of which were regular season games. Next up for the Dinos are the University of Alberta Pandas, who visit the Jack Jan. 13-14. Games are at 6 p.m. Harle knows that while the team is doing very well, there’s still more work to be done.

“I continue to challenge our team that while we’ve won 11 in a row, no one has any metal hanging around their neck.”


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