Spun: The Click Five

By Hoang-Mai Hong

“I absolutely am in love with The Click Five! I saw “Just the Girl” on MTV this summer and I ran to my BFF’s house and now she loves them too! I just love them soooo much!”

-Brittany, age 12, New Albany, IN

Before I knew who these guys were or had heard their music, I saw them in an ad for Intel laptops proclaiming “The Click Five use our products!” I subsequently was informed by my teenage brother that this nattily dressed quintet belonged to the “fag boy” pop genre.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with the genre name, they are certainly a band I would’ve enjoyed in the happy, simple times of sixth grade, when I, too, would run to my BFF’s house and tell her all about these cute guys who sing this song. With simple lyrics about girls, bitchy girls, crushing and breaking up along with titles such as “Friday Night” and “Catch Your Wave,” all wrapped up in upbeat hooks, with annoyingly infectious teen pop voice¬†a la Simple Plan et al, it’s no wonder Intel recruited them in this age of pre-teen consumerism.

So did Intel have any foresight in using this ‘next big thing’ band? Not really. The songs fortunately don’t cling to your brain and are as forgettable as the soundtrack to the last Hilary Duff movie–which they were probably on, as this fare can easily fit to any teen movie trailer imaginable. You know the guitar riff, the one you hear as the hot girl is walking by the nerdy, ‘hopeless’ boy gawking as sprinklers go off. The Click Five either wrote that song or really wish they had.

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