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Beautiful Wild Things breathtaking

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Ever since Where the Wild Things Are’s heartrending, perfect trailer was unveiled, expectations have been very high. Not that this full-length feature, which pulls its story straight from a beloved children’s book that was a perfect and very brief 300 words, wasn’t already highly anticipated. Being directed by Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and… Continue reading Beautiful Wild Things breathtaking

Up an uplifting time at the movies

By Hoang-Mai Hong

It’s pretty hard to imagine how Up, the latest addition to Pixar’s uninterrupted line of certifiable classics, was, according to its creators, at one point “a mess.” There’s no doubt now that the apparently infallible studio has crafted yet another fine and distinct piece of film. Up is fantastically imagined and realized, making it a… Continue reading Up an uplifting time at the movies

Spun: Pet Shop Boys

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The Pet Shop Boys have been making clever pop albums that balance searing wit with fey, Euro-trash dance music sensibilities for nearly 25 years without a misstep. Thankfully, they continue that trend with their latest LP, Yes, which holds to the tried and true Pet Shop Boys tropes — fashion, style, wealth and love. “Love… Continue reading Spun: Pet Shop Boys

“Back to the Future” meets “Big” in “17 Again”

By Hoang-Mai Hong

It’s not surprising that 17 Again is an absolutely formulaic and predictable movie, but despite that and its other numerous flaws, it comes off as disarmingly sweet with some genuinely likeable moments and performances, especially from Zac Efron and the always terrific Leslie Mann. The former, undoubtedly trying to break away from his pre-teen Disney-mold,… Continue reading “Back to the Future” meets “Big” in “17 Again”

April films make for a mixed bag

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Maybe it’s because of the advent of spring, but movies feel somewhat fresher and wider ranging at this time of year, even if they aren’t. The slate feels as if it’s been wiped clean and expectations are wide open. Or maybe we’re just more tolerant with the prospect of fair weather? Upon closer investigation, overall… Continue reading April films make for a mixed bag

Segel and Rudd are funny guys

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The buddy movie has been a popular brand of entertainment for decades, but it seems that only recently has it delved into the softer complexities of male friendship and mined homoeroticism for comedy. I Love You, Man, the latest buddy-comedy to hit theatres attempts to do precisely that. Terms like “bromance” have been tacked onto… Continue reading Segel and Rudd are funny guys

Post-Oscar films to enjoy in March

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Emerging from all the hullabaloo and buzz of the Academy Awards, one realizes that other than a few upcoming “majorly anticipated” movies, what else is there? Not that anything else is less than worthy of our collective attention, but there hasn’t been much circulating around other than Watchmen trailers. Well, the Oscars have been awarded… Continue reading Post-Oscar films to enjoy in March

Online Only: Oscar predictions you can bank on!

By Ryan Pike

The ballots have been cast and the lights have been dimmed, so it must be time for the Gauntlet’s annual Academy Awards preview. This year, resident movie nerds Hoang-Mai Hong and Ryan Pike tackle Hollywood’s tribute to itself. Who will win? Who will lose? More importantly, who will predict more winners– Hoang-Mai or Ryan? [Editor’s… Continue reading Online Only: Oscar predictions you can bank on!

Upcoming movies a sea of dull

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Alas, it’s January, so gird yourselves for the new semester, as well as a month that will offer little in the way of good escapism, new movie-wise. It sounds rather bleak, but take comfort in the fact that there are still plenty of award-nominated and critically-acclaimed films still in theatres. If you still haven’t taken… Continue reading Upcoming movies a sea of dull

Holiday season on the silver screen

By Hoang-Mai Hong

Like a very welcome and comforting cup of Lady Grey on a cold day, holiday movie season has arrived. Higher quality films are starting to settle in, hoping to pique Academy voter interests as well as rake in the dough from people getting their yearly reprieve from work. Fear not lovers of irony, and those… Continue reading Holiday season on the silver screen