VP Events: Beamer Comfort

Running for vice-president events is newcomer to SU politics, Beamer Comfort. While Comfort is new to the SU, he is no stranger on campus; this year marks his fifth as a Dino athlete, where he is currently serving as the wrestling team captain. Although some would argue his inexperience would be a major hindrance to working as VP events, there is no doubt he has the dedication required to use the position to its fullest, as evidenced by his unwavering commitment to the Dinos. Comfort has no shortage of leadership experience as he is currently president of the Student Athletic Advisory Council and acted as a student leader during U of C 101.

As one might guess, the Dinos have a major role in his platform. Among other things, Comfort advocates increased promotion of athletic events, as well as changing the structure of the Den cabaret program to increase attendance. Other ideas include changing Clubs’ Week to be more participatory by having clubs compete in events and giving more promotion to clubs that promote community service and positive works. Above all, Comfort advocates increased cooperation amongst the SU, Residence Students’ Association, SAAC and SU Clubs.

The big question is whether Comfort will be able to foster that cooperation, given his lack of SU experience. Between his time as a Dino and on SAAC, he’s made contacts within the groups he wants to coordinate events with. Yet he will need to work hard to gain the cooperation of such groups as well as the SU. His focus is more on athletics and new events than music and while he promises to continue to support the burgeoning indie scene at the U of C, Comfort is sure to bring some new ideas to the portfolio.

What do you see your relationship with your commissioners being?

“It gives me four people to draw ideas from. Of course, they’re also ground-level people, often commissioners will be doing the dirty work like actually running Cinemania or guiding people in Shinerama.”

Outline your ideas for new events.

“I’d like to see something like Rez Wars get brought back. Maybe some sort of inter-university club wars, where we have their debate club come here and we send our chess club, that kind of exchange. I’d like to see an accessibility and participation week for our disabled students; I’d like to bring in some speakers that week to talk about issues that face them, but also some people to talk about the incredible things that people with disabilities can do.”

What are your plans for existing events?

“My basic philosophy is I want more things for students, by students on campus.”


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