VP Op-Fi: Cody Wagner

Cody Wagner is acclaimed for the position of vice-president operations and finance so you’re stuck with him whether you want to be or not. Fortunately for students, Wagner is both qualified and eager to do the job.

Wagner has spent the last year as an SU operations and finance commissioner, so he has a solid grasp of the inner workings of the SU and should step right into the VP position with minimal growing pains. This is a good thing, especially considering the on-going issues with the CJSW relocation that may or may not be resolved by the time he gets into office.

Getting CJSW into its new location and ending this 11-year embarrassment would be a major accomplishment, and should be one of Wagner’s top priorities. However, as of now, Wagner has neither the knowledge nor the frame of mind to get this done.

Wagner’s platform focuses on increasing student services with an eye towards the improvement of the student experience and quality of service. To do this, Wagner plans on searching out student feedback and integrating it into the SU’s organizational direction. This integration will involve an incentive program for student friendly businesses in MacEwan Student Centre and increased functionality for the SU’s website. These are all good plans, as long as he figures out how get past most students’ apathy to get to some meaningful ideas.

With Wagner we can expect more of the same competence we enjoyed with current VP Op-Fi Joel Lockwood, and considering Wagner’s experience and ideas he’ll make a fine addition to the SU executive, regardless of whether he had to work for it or not.

What is going on with CJSW? Will the contract agreement and the redevelopment be finished under your term?

“It’s been pretty confidential this far–mostly between Joel and Chad. I’d really like to see CJSW in that spot, but I don’t think it should come at the expense of students.”

What’s your take on exclusive deals with private companies, like the deal with Bell Phones?

“With the Bell Deal, I wouldn’t push it much more than Bell. It sucks to have corporate sponsors on campus, but sometimes it means a better deal for students.”

What is your plan to use your commission?

“The commissioners can be used to bring more student issues to the operations and finance commission. I’d like to give them projects like the web page redevelopment and a student-lead scholarship program.”