Spun: Machinemade God

By Janice Tran

Machinemade God isn’t a band to listen to for new ideas. Though this isn’t to say they make terrible music. In fact, something about their extremely typical music is appealing. The group demonstrates a lot of skill and the screaming vocals sound great–the only thing the music lacks is creativity.

On the band’s new album, The Infinity Complex, Machinemade God uses every guitar riff, double kick breakdown and melody found on almost every metal-core album released in the past five years. Even their song titles, “Bleeding From Within” and “Downpour of Emptiness” to name a couple, are painfully stereotypical.

Don’t roll those eyes just yet. It’s natural to assume the predictable nature of Machinemade God would lead to their tragic downfall, causing their CD to be tossed into the $5.99 discount bin at HMV. But a few more listens to the tracks prove an alternate destiny.

Because their sound is indistinguishable from other bands in the genre, the familiarity factor actually helps make Machinemade God easier and more enjoyable to listen to. So, as contradicting as it may sound, stereotypical can sometimes be a good thing.


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