Letter: Pike McSucks, McFly McRocks!

By Laura Brough

Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: “Spun: McFly” Ryan Pike, July 20, 2006]

Tell the fool who wrote that article that he’s a complete muppet.

McFly aren’t trying to be anything other than a pop band! They say it loud and proud all the time, so before he goes around saying that McFly think they’re a rock band­, uhm… No they don’t.


McFly were approached two years ago to do this film while on their theatre tour. The director chose them to be in the film. They did it so people could see their talents and not just push them to one side. It’s a clever way to go about doing it and everyone is proud of them for trying.

The songs on the American Just My Luck album are old-school ones which the guys wrote three years ago! Try listening to ‘Wonderland’ or the B-Sides to their singles and you’ll see just how wrong you actually are about them!

They’re four talented guys who want to do well. There’s nothing wrong with that is there?

All I can say is: jealous much?!

Laura Brough,
United Kingdom

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