Editorial: Man up, Mulroney

By Kyle Francis

Not long after his heavy involvement in the 2006 Liberal Convention, Justin Trudeau announced his intention to seek the nomination of the Papineau, Montreal riding, clearing up much speculation as to his political ambitions. Trudeau has been everything from a Katimavik youth leader to the head of the Canadian Avalanche Foundation, as well as pursuing a masters of arts in geography from McGill University. With his recent affirmation that he will, indeed, follow in his father’s footsteps, one fact has become clearer than ever: It’s time for Ben Mulroney to man up.

Also the son of a former prime minister, Mulroney is no less suited to politics than Trudeau. He’s been the host of not one, but two prime-time reality television shows, an entertainment reporter for Canada AM, a columnist for the Toronto Sun and holds two degrees–one in law and one in history–from Laval and Duke Universities. With his recent appointment as the national ambassador of UNICEF, Mulroney looks as though he might just be able to match Trudeau when it comes to altruism as well. If somehow he’s able to get anyone to take him seriously, he might actually stand a chance. On the other hand, it might be tough to live down Canadian Idol.

So, Mulroney, if you’re reading this (and I know you are, since you responded personally to the last editorial I wrote about you), it’s time to put on the big-kid pants. Are you really going to let Trudeau punk you again? I mean, the two of you are similar enough to draw comparison in the media, and the guy has showed you up at every turn.

If child abuse statistics have any clout, the son of a Conservative is probably going to be able to take a punch better than the son of a Liberal, so if it came to it, Mulroney would probably come out on top. Actually, I just made that up, and I don’t even know why they would get in a fist fight anyway. You have to admit it would be hilarious, though.

But seriously, Ben: You could take the bitch.

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