Spun: City and Colour

By Marina Foo

Never judge a book by its cover–or so goes the old cliche. Despite an ingrained aversion to them, cliches are sometimes incredibly apt. Sadly, though, City and Colour’s latest release, Live, is an exception–its plain, brown, cardboard cover speaks volumes as to its content.

Dallas Green wanted to paint a picture for the hapless souls that have been unable to witness a City and Colour performance with a live CD and DVD set. The package features four unreleased tracks, nine from his previous release, Sometimes, and a DVD performance. Unfortunately, Live‘s volume indicates nothing of it’s quality. Put plainly, Green has nothing to offer fans that they can’t find on myspace.

Although the soothing sound of his voice, lyrical ballads and harmonizing acoustics are pleasant while sitting alone in the basement, Green doesn’t propose anything new or exciting for his audience. Yes, there are four previously-unreleased tracks for kids with dyed hair to slobber over, but they’re just a pacifier to hold them over until the next studio release.