Letter: Borderless?

By Nathan Obreiter

Editor, the Gauntlet,

As a second-year engineering student, I have had to take the engineering 251/253 design and communication courses. These courses teach us crucial non-math lessons we use to become well-rounded, professional engineers. As of late, each semester has had a central theme. The current year is dealing with disabilities and designing for them, while my year was about Engineers Without Borders.

The marking scheme of the course was one of the most confusing I have ever encountered. Five stamps were used, each to represent a grade (Dog=4, Bus=3, Molecule=2, Amoeba=1, Gas Mask=Fail). Because of this abitrary grading system, all of the marks were subjective.

As good of a cause as EWB is, the path chosen by the instructors have made me hesitant to aid in the fight of global poverty. I do not believe this is what EWB had in mind.

ENGG 251/253, take this as a wake-up call to why you consistently get low USRI ratings from the people who even care to do them! Nathan Obreiter

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