SU Reviews: Eric Jablonski, VP events

By Emily Senger

Eric Jablonski has a large, blue vibrating dildo in a pint glass on the edge of his desk. The pint glass is much like the one on my desk, except for the contents. Mine contains pens. Jablonski’s contains a dildo.

While the plastic (or rather silicone) penis would be inappropriate in any other office, the eclectic mix of band posters, the comfy couch and a constant stream of Students’ Union staffers and friends dropping in to say hi makes Mr. Blue right at home. Everything about Jablonski’s office indicates a man who likes to have a good time, and perhaps this is why he has had such an excellent run as vice-president events.

As drummer for the local punk band Knucklehead, Jablonski and music go together like dog’s pee and fire hydrants. As a result, this year’s That Empty Space has arguably been the best so far–if the indie kids packing the space each Friday afternoon are any indication.

Aside from music, Jablonski has kept other weekly events like Cinemania going strong, also adding some new ones like the increasingly popular Indie Rock Bingo. His bigger events like Enviropalooza and International Week have been mainly successful, and when events were not a smashing success he noted it in order to improve the next time around.

On top of fun and games, Jablonski is not too shabby at the important stuff. Along with fellow VP operations and finance Cody Wagner, Jablonski was able to make headway in the ongoing CJSW/SU space dispute and CJSW is the closest they’ve been to their new space in at least seven years. For this he should be proud.

If there is criticism to be found in Jablonski’s term, it is that some of his events came together last minute, making promotion difficult. Some commissioners also complained that he wasn’t the best communicator and didn’t always let others know of all the events in the works, but these criticisms are small in comparison to overwhelming praise.

Jablonski and his dildo are returning for a second term as VP events next year, and if he can keep his enthusiasm for the job as high as it is now, students can be assured good times will continue.

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