Club me ’till I’m week

By Dean Hetherington

Clubs. To some, the word instantly evokes the image of a baby seal, waddling contentedly with imminent doom perched near by, his only possible salvation in the proximity of an angry, irrelevant Paul McCartney. More likely however, the first thing coming to mind is the uncomfortably crowded MacEwan Student Center in the third week of September, Clubs Week.

“In joining or creating a club the benefits are really endless, you get to meet people and get involved in great events,” said University of Calgary Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance Fraser Stuart about the philosophy driving the annual event. “Each day clubs are able to set-up on assigned tables, [and] on Friday there will be a free barbeque for all current club members.”

The Fri., Sep. 21 barbeque is a celebrated event, but there are more reasons to join clubs than just the smoky and delicious joy of a hot, grilled weiner beneath the fall afternoon sun.

“Clubs week is the first step in finding out what you’re really interested in besides school,” said U of C Campus UNICEF co-chair Terry Wong. “Especially in a commuter school like the U of C, it’s a great way to set people involved in the campus.”

Ha, ha. Indeed, it is Terry. With as many clubs as there are on campus–just go to to find a full list–it is a relatively painless endeavor to find some cause in which to take interest.

“[There are] over 150 at this time with a list of more applying to be sanctioned in the coming weeks,” said Stuart. “Clubs range from academic-focused the hobby-based to religious and everything in between.”

If the clubs aren’t already around, it`s a simple matter to start a new one. The forms to do so are located at a few places: either online at services/student-services/student-clubs. html or beside the Stör at the SU Clubs office, but require a minimum amount of people to gain official status.

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