Spun: Wil

By David Crosby

The sticker on the cover of By December says that Wil is a cross between Wilco and the Arcade Fire. That sounds like nice match, but any time the Arcade Fire is mentioned it seems to mean there are at least 10 members. Using that criteria, a rock critic can say with a straight face that the Polyphonic Spree sounds like the Arcade Fire.

That said, Wil does not really sound like the Arcade Fire. However, in this case that is quite alright, as Wil has a sound that is actually kind of refreshing. Wil Mimnaugh has a weathered voice that cuts deep, and the

tunes he writes would sound just as good solo on an acoustic guitar as with the giant band. The beat is consistent, and the multi-instrumentation is used in a way that’s reminiscent of the Hidden Cameras, as the arrangements are lucid and uncluttered while still sounding full.

By December could easily become a hit, provided it finds its way into the hands of locals. The album is an effortless listen full of enjoyable songs, a rare trait in today’s indie scene.