Big happenings at the Little

By Indrani Kar

Currently displaying at the Little Gallery (6th floor of the Art Parkade Building) are Recent Works by 3rd and 4th year printmaking students at the U of C Fine Arts department. The show will be up until the gallery closes on Fri., Oct. 19, and includes work by students Dorothy Schultz, Lauren Simms, Derek Coonan, Marnie Fallon, Roberta Sternloff, Alyshia Auston, Jane Poole, Stephanie Stroh, and Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Although technically put on by students of the printmaking department, not all the pieces in the show are strictly prints. “Poppy Self Portrait” by Jane Poole is a stained carving on mahogany panel, the enigmatic “I Dreamt I Saw Heaven From Hell” by Derek Coonan is a drawing and one of Lauren Simms’ untitled pieces could be considered sculpture while still employing printmaking techniques within it. This diversity of media and technique however adds to the show, and some interesting ideas are expressed here.

Other notable pieces are “The Obstacle” and “Beginning to End” both by Alyshia Auston and “Basilique Sainte Clotilde” by Roberta Sternloff. All of these feature delicate pastels emphasizing intricate designs and colours with silk screening techniques.