ENGG Week shenanigans

By John McDonald

Engineers kicked off ENGG Week Mon. with their annual parade around campus dressed to the nines in robes and costumes singing rowdy songs and setting off sirens.

“It’s about having fun,” said second-year civil engineering student Chelsea Smolka. “It’s a great opportunity to meet other people in the faculty. It’s a good opportunity for students to interact in an environment that’s accommodating to all students. Not all the events are centred around drinking.”

Engineering Week at the University of Calgary brings a sense of community to the students involved.

“Engineering Week’s purpose is to strengthen the bonds between engineering students, promote communication and encourage pride for students’ respective departments and, at the same time, raise money for charity,” said Engineering Student Society president Kim Yeats. “All departments compete in competitions during the week which range from cooking for the judges, movie festival submissions to a week-long key clue scavenger hunt. There are also various evening activities.”

One of the biggest events is the charity auction, said Mechanical ENGG Week judge Jenn McKintyre.

“All proceeds go to the Light Up the World Project–putting LED lights in Third World countries,” McIntyre.

Along with the charity auction, the ENGG Week cabaret will be donating proceeds to charity.

Every year there is a movie festival held where each engineering department submits a 20-25 minute movie.

“This year, required elements include [their] best animation, commercial song/dance, best scene with whipped cream and best wedding crash.” said McIntyre.

The movie festival happens Thu. evening in ICT 102.

“An integral part of making ENGG week a success is for the students to participate,” said Yates. “ENGG traditions have begun to dwindle and it’s vital that we maintain our sense of community. Acquaintances made in engineering will be lifelong contacts in industry. It begins here.”

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