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Engineering representative resigns

By Susan Anderson

Engineering representative John McDonald resigned on March 20 from his position on the Student Legislative Council. According to the University of Calgary Students’ Union bylaws, all representatives need to be enrolled in at least one class to be a faculty representative. McDonald is not registered in classes this winter semester. su vice-president academic Ola Mohajer… Continue reading Engineering representative resigns

Engineers have Robocop entertaining again

By John McDonald

Two words that seem to go together like bread and butter are engineers and robots. This stereotype has been reinforced this year at the Schulich School of Engineering. A team of four electrical and computer engineers repaired a robot for the Calgary Police Interpretive Centre. As part of their degree, all engineering students must complete… Continue reading Engineers have Robocop entertaining again

ENGG Week shenanigans

By John McDonald

Engineers kicked off ENGG Week Mon. with their annual parade around campus dressed to the nines in robes and costumes singing rowdy songs and setting off sirens. “It’s about having fun,” said second-year civil engineering student Chelsea Smolka. “It’s a great opportunity to meet other people in the faculty. It’s a good opportunity for students… Continue reading ENGG Week shenanigans

E.coLisa wins MIT gold

By John McDonald

A team of University of Calgary students were placed in the gold category at the international Genetically Engineered Machine competition at MIT for their bacterial-plotter submission. The group of diverse undergraduates also won first place in the poster competition at the prestigious event. “We were the only multi-disciplinary team in attendance [and there was] a… Continue reading E.coLisa wins MIT gold

Calculators will be cheaper next year

By John McDonald

Engineering students can count on buying their Schulich-sanctioned calculators from the bookstore next year. The calculators–to be used in all ENGG quizzes, midterms and final exams–will be sold through the bookstore, rather than the faculty of engineering. “It’s great that the calculators could be cheaper next year, considering they are currently selling them above the… Continue reading Calculators will be cheaper next year

Mis-calculated reaction

By John McDonald

Starting this semester, first- and second-year engineering students will be using the same standardized non-programmable calculators for all their quizzes, midterms and exams. Many engineering professors were frustrated with the number of students using programmable calculators to aid them in passing their tests. They decided on using a standardized one-line Casio scientific solar calculator. “There… Continue reading Mis-calculated reaction