Spun: Nickelback

By Emily Senger

Listening to a new Nickelback album for the first time is kind of like reuniting with an ex-lover: you don’t really want to get involved again, but you insert the CD just to remember what it feels like. If its cheap thrills you seek, Dark Horse is filled with sexual prowess, drenched in Chad Kroeger’s own patented brand of greasiness.

Remember, it is essential to control your emotions when getting involved in this scenario once again, because this time around, the cliches and old annoyances are even worse. Formulaic writing and the lowest common denominator appeal persist throughout Dark Horse and it really seems that producer Mutt Lange made sure that these old dogs fine-tuned their latest effort into everything less then what we expected to hear. If this is not enough to prevent you from re-entering that vicious listening circle you have worked so hard to extract yourself from, the ninth track on this album, “S.E.X.” is always the answer.

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