By Myke Atkinson

The best part of Coldplay’s new album, Viva La Vida, is definitely the artwork on the inner panels of the album. By capturing the chaos and victory of the French in the epic battle scene, Eugene Delacroix takes the credit for the astonishing painting. Musically, Coldplay disappoints. The band’s fourth release follows suit to its predecessor, X & Y, as nothing interesting grabs hold of its audience. Without their signature instrument, the piano, playing in more songs, Coldplay falls into the category of all of those other mediocre bands that can be found on the radio.

Out of the 10 songs that Viva La Vida has, only half of a song is listenable as it will not urge you to throw the disc across the room. “42” starts off well as the piano carries a harmonic tune, however, as the song continues, the beautiful melody is replaced by monotonous guitar riffs which sound too similar to the other songs on the album. Viva La Vida is an incredibly bad album and if you haven’t listened to it already, it’s not worth your time.


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