Online Only – Letter: Hope amongst the readership

By Spence Madden

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Your publication of the story regarding [Students’ Union communications and culture facualty representative Mathew]Bladek versus the Students’ Union [“SU representative locked out of office,” Sarelle Azuelos, Jan. 29] gives me hope for the upcoming election. These “normally under the radar of the typical student” stories need to come forth during election time. They help to give the students other options on which to form their election opinions, coming at a time when comical posters plastered over the school are a huge, if not deciding, factor for many students. I for one, did not have any idea that some members of the SU viewed [vice-president academic Pamela] Weatherbee as a dictator. It has sparked a desire for me to attend the forums, possibly even talk directly with the students running and really find out who I want running the SU.

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