Letters to the editor

RE: Facebook fanatacism Regarding the recent hate speech brouhaha concerning a certain U of C student of Palestinian Arab ancestry, I would address a few salient points that the Gauntlet regrettably overlooked. Whether the odious comments — purportedly intended as “creative writing” — constituted hate speech or not, they definitely resulted from very poor judgment… Continue reading Letters to the editor

Letter: Eschatology? More like scatology

By Ixtapa Soros

Remi Watts manages to put all the 2012-end-of-the-world garbage in a good light in his article [“Of eschatological concern,” Jan. 11, 2012]. While he claims that good can come of the situation regardless of how silly the doomsayers are, one has to wonder if his strategy is likely to do more harm than good. Consider… Continue reading Letter: Eschatology? More like scatology

Letter: offence taken to offence being taken

By Jason Kempton

This is in response to a previous letter “Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs” [Nov. 24, 2011] — which was itself in response to an “offensive” meme-image displayed in the Gaunlet comic strip Network Admin [Nov. 17, 2011]. First, I’d like to thank the author of the letter for explaining the joke, as I now… Continue reading Letter: offence taken to offence being taken

Letter: Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs

By Gaganjeet Tamber

The most recent edition of the Gauntlet newspaper [Nov. 17, 2011] has an extremely offensive comic on the last page. The “Network Admin” comic depicts a man sitting in a cauldron being boiled alive and in the caption it states “I ain’t even mad.” That man is the fifth Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Arjan Dev… Continue reading Letter: Gauntlet comic extremely offensive to Sikhs

Letter: study space

By Dr. Dru Marshall

In response to the Gauntlet’s editorial about the closure of MacKimmie Library and students’ concerns about lack of quiet study space in the Taylor Family Digital Library [Oct. 27, 2011], I would like to provide some updated information on how the University of Calgary is responding to this matter. The university is aware of students’… Continue reading Letter: study space

Letter: Radio censorship

By Chad Saunders

Andrew Varsanyi’s article [“Education must replace the censorship of music,” Jan. 20] about the recent Dire Straits ruling leaves out key facts that would have helped readers better understand the ramifications of this decision. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council is not a government agency — it is an independent organization set up by private broadcasting… Continue reading Letter: Radio censorship