The Hylozoists

By Amanda Hu

The Hylozoists’ latest release is a vocalist-free, orchestrated delight. Chock full of bountiful string arrangements and vibraphone melody lines, L’Île De Sept Villes skillfully jumps from ambient-sounding distorted strings and bowed percussion instruments at the beginning of the CD to triumphant movie soundtrack-esque tracks and classy pop rock in the latter half, all the while maintaining a cohesive and coherent feel to the album.

“Bras d’Or Lakes” stands out with its striking ability to emote with lamentful minor key string vamping. Paul Aucoin’s vibraphone works perfectly in place of a vocal line and plays flawlessly towards the song’s chorus that builds with more and more strings. The climax of the song is powerful with all the group’s instruments in full force with melodica adding some understated grittiness underneath it all.

L’Île De Sept Villes proves the Hylozoists’ abilities as musicians and composers, solidifying their spot as contenders for Toronto’s best soon-to-be-recognized musical treasure.


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