STIs and guys that turn you down

By Lesley-Anne Barrett

So I’ve been seeing this girl on and off and the other day we got together and were making out. I noticed that there was this greenish-yellow foam coming from her and it freaked me out, I have never seen a girl do that before. What could this be and should I be steering clear of this chick or what?”

– Jamal

Sounds to me like this girl has an STI. These symptoms are suggestive of trichomoniasis (trich). This is a very common and curable STI that anyone can contract. It is caused by a single-cell parasite and the physical signs are more common in women than men, although men can be carriers. Although guys don’t usually show signs, some may experience irritation inside the penis or a slight burning after peeing or ejaculating. I would get to the nearest clinic and get tested and recommend that you both get some prescription drugs and avoid sex until this is completely cleared up. Otherwise, you could just keep giving it back to each other.

Our bodies are extremely smart machines and any time your body tells you something isn’t right, you should check with your doctor; a couple hours in a wait room is a small price to pay for a clean bill of health.

“My boyfriend turned me down last night for sex and I’m worried. I didn’t want to hound him as to why, but I couldn’t sleep and I keep thinking I did something wrong. He has never said no before. Actually, no guy I’ve been with has said no. What does this mean?”

– Crystal

There could be a million reasons why your BF turned you down for sex and instead of turning this back on yourself, unless you know something more, don’t overanalyze. If you and he have a good relationship, you should be able to talk about it. It may just be that he is tired — it really does happen. If your relationship is on the rocks, than this may be a whole other issue. Ask yourself some questions: how often do we have sex? When was the last time? Was there a recent argument?

We sometimes make things out to be more than they are, but if you feel his rejection to sex is a sign, talk to him. Communication is essential in any relationship; I would ask if there was anything wrong or anything I could help him with. This icebreaker could lead to nothing or it may reveal something deeper that needs to be addressed. Good luck.

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