SU Reviews: VP Academic Pamela Weatherbee

By Morgan Haigler

Just as centaurs always think of their pack, Students’ Union vice-president academic Pamela Weatherbee continues to make academic programs and services an advantage for students. She may not have the upper torso of a human and the lower body of a horse, but her stamina, incredible strength and wisdom make her comparable.

One of her best accomplishments this year is the finalization of the Co-Curricular Record, an official document that showcases University of Calgary students’ volunteer experience. Through this, students have the opportunity to share their extra involvement with graduate or professional schools and potential employers. As a result, almost 2,000 students have signed up for the extra transcript since the pilot started in January.

Weatherbee managed to put the U of C’s faculty members’ worries about the online exam bank at ease, but the process still hit a few glitches along the way. Since last year, many SU clubs raised concerns about the bank since they sell the exams to generate revenue, but Weatherbee found a compromise that worked for both parties.

Originally, the website was supposed to be online in April, but the deadline was pushed to this summer.

On top of all this, Weatherbee made huge strides on possibly removing some taxes on textbooks next year.

Overall, Weatherbee progressed many projects throughout the year. Her only weakness, working with faculty representatives, showed through when students complained about one. Having earned a spot on the board of governors, Weatherbee will likely keep fighting for students in the future.

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