SU Reviews: Dylan Jones

It’s 2:35 a.m. at Karma in Seaside Heights and your “kooka” is one vodka shot away from hanging out of your pleather dress– and those sexy guidos from across the dance floor are totally staring. Dylan Jones is the kind of guy who would discreetly escort you into a cab back to the shore house… Continue reading SU Reviews: Dylan Jones

SU Reviews: Ola Mohajer

Remember when Snooki got day-drunk and hobbled down to the beach in her fluffy slippers, falling flat on her face and disrupting innocent beach-going families with her belligerent antics? Only one thing was there for her in her time of darkness — the Seaside Heights Police Department. Mohajer is the chief. Mohajer has been one… Continue reading SU Reviews: Ola Mohajer

SU Reviews: Matt McMillan

She’s four-foot-nine, has a penchant for pickle-munching and refers to herself as a “meatball.” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Matt McMillan are like night and day, but in Seaside Heights, the time between downing that last cup of “Ron-Ron Juice” and picking scraggly extensions out of your hair before falling into bed can be fuzzy, to… Continue reading SU Reviews: Matt McMillan

SU Reviews: Matt Diteljan

The ample circumference of Matt Diteljan’s biceps betrays the love affair with the gym that he shares with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Unlike Sitch, though, Diteljan lives by the mantra gsp: Gym, strategy and planning. These have become Matt Diteljan’s main approaches to the position of vice-president student life, and as the semester and his… Continue reading SU Reviews: Matt Diteljan

SU Reviews: Patrick Straw

Pauly D is probably the best type of wingman a bronzed post-adolescent claiming Italian ancestry could ask for. His perfectly-gelled hair won’t budge after dancing for four hours, and he’s the only member of the cast with a perceptible talent — chicks dig djs, bro. And you know what chicks also dig? The ability to… Continue reading SU Reviews: Patrick Straw

Students’ Union year-end reviews: Meg Martin

By Noah Miller

Students’ Union vice-president academic Meg Martin has delivered healthy changes to the University of Calgary’s academic body with a crisp taste that is agreeable to all — much like the healthy, but sweet, taste of Oatmeal Crisp. Her tenacity brought through projects that have been long ongoing and that lagged even under her capable predecessors.… Continue reading Students’ Union year-end reviews: Meg Martin

Students’ Union year-end reviews: Joey Brocke

By Brent Constantin

Joey Brocke’s term as vice-president operations and finance is best compared to mini-wheats cereal, delicious frosting on one side that disappears on the other half. During his first semester, Brocke’s major accomplishment was a complete overhaul of the Students’ Union governance structure which saw executive commissioners move from elected to hired positions, faculty representatives become… Continue reading Students’ Union year-end reviews: Joey Brocke

Students’ Union year-end reviews: Kay She

By Ryan Pike

Much like her namesake cereal, Special K, vice-president external Kay She provided the students of the University of Calgary some delicious results during her term. More important than what she delivered, though, was what her efforts represented for students. Much of She’s year was dominated by the tuition issue. While the initial tuition revelation found… Continue reading Students’ Union year-end reviews: Kay She

Students’ Union year-end reviews: Kat Lord

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Just like General Mill’s Baron von Redberry cereal before her, Kat Lord is a bit of an offbeat personality, which may have helped quite a bit in a year packaged with significant tuition concerns. In the face of these challenges, Lord has done an admirable job keeping students entertained as the last of the Students’… Continue reading Students’ Union year-end reviews: Kat Lord

SU midterm reviews: President Charlotte Kingston

By Katy Anderson

If the Students’ Union were comprised of alcoholic beverages, they would be lucky to have a sophisticated, vintage glass of wine at their helm. Like a good shiraz, president Charlotte Kingston is aged (experienced), strong and has a kick. Kingston’s greatest strength is her strong speaking skills. That, paired with her intimate knowledge of how… Continue reading SU midterm reviews: President Charlotte Kingston