Julie Doiron rocks on until dawn

By Laura Bardsley

For those who attended the Flemish Eye Ball, Julie Doiron was a welcome treat. As soon as she finished her first song the air in the Legion hung still and the crowd hungrily waited for more.

It wasn’t her first performance however — not by a long-shot. Doiron has been around for longer than most of her fans have been able to talk and her talent and experience shine stronger every year. Since her band Eric’s Trip formed in 1990, Doiron has changed her music and allowed it to change her.

“What’s changed me is that it’s an experience and at one point playing a few years ago, I learned how to have fun playing music and just relax and sort of rock out,” remarks Doiron. “[I] have fun playing it and not hav[ing] it be so close to heart, because, you know, when you’re playing your own songs it’s very hard; it’s very personal.”

Experience has taken its time shaping Doiron into the guitar-playing musical machine that she is. She reserves a lot of respect for younger up-and-coming musicians, though.

“The people who are the age that I was when I started seem to have everything a lot more together than when I did at the time,” she says. “I’ve been really impressed with a lot of the younger people at the meetings who are really good musicians and are super cool about it. They don’t get nearly as nervous, which is great.”

In the end, however, her experience pays off. In past endeavours she’s made many valuable connections. Already having collaborated with the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie, Wooden Stars and Herman Düne, she plans to continue with them and start new working relationships, including one with Chad VanGaalen.

“I had a really good time [at Flemish Eye Ball] and part of that was because Chad and I have been talking about maybe doing a record together,” Doiron says. “In the past we’ve talked about touring together, so that might happen.”

Such a collaboration could be fruitful, but chances are it won’t happen for a little while. When asked about her future plans, Doiron related her schedule for the next year and a half — completely booked. Along with music, her two children are on the top of her list. Her eldest son, Ben, is almost old enough to join the family business by selling merchandise at her shows — maybe audiences will be treated to a family performance if he chooses to play with his Mom.

Lately, Doiron has been touring and working on a new video. Although she hasn’t seen the final cut yet, she is eagerly anticipating its release.

“We just did a video for “Consolation Prize” a few weeks ago, which was really crazy. I haven’t seen it, but I’m excited to see it. I’m in it, but they also have actors playing younger versions of me. It’ll be interesting to see, they did a great job.”


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