Spun: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

By Chelsee Albo

Throughout history men have been categorized as lovers or fighters. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald has exploded into Calgary with his distinct flavour of acoustic pop music, which clearly places him in the former category. With a rhythmic vocal style, horns and clapping infused with his incredibly passionate lyrics the prince of Calgary’s music scene has outdone himself as he continues to grow as a musician. His new album Love LP resonates romanticism that makes a listener wonder if chivalry is mounting a comeback.

The album’s first single “Maxine” showcases MBF’s enthusiastic vocals supported by vigorous background shouting and a tight band embodying the overall tone of the album. In “Movie Life” MBF gives the listener a piece of his private life “Stare at this movie screen / I wonder could it be me?” as he addresses his disbelief at his new found fame. “Amazed” catapults into a big band feel, complete with a funky rhythm section and assertive horns.

Although Love drips with the enthusiastic feelings of true romance, the quieter moments such as “Suzie” and “Care For You” are bland and repetitive. Perhaps the single most attractive feature of the album is the fact that MBF is a Calgary musician creating music that will launch him into stardom.

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