Spun: Rum Runner

By Brad Halasz

Well, Rum Runner, since you’ve asked what your music means to me, there’s a few things I want to say. To me the music means you sometimes get sad; sometimes maybe depressed; sometimes pretty pissed off, but your particular brand of music always has a drink in hand to comfort us.

To me your music is best when you’re not trying to channel the Dropkick Murphy’s, like on the familiar-sounding “Tobacco Eyes.” In fact, I like it best when you strip your music down to a raw, acoustic heart-on-the-floor swoon like on “Volnay” and “The Solar Pessimist.”

It’s clear you’ve been at this for a while. This is your third release, and it’s your best. The lyrics show that music means a lot to you and that you do indeed have something to say.

Your music has captured Calgary’s sick city climate. “Sacrifice” is especially eye-opening, as the issue of racism is almost non-existent in our ignorant town and you guys bring it front and centre, making no excuses.

Al Drinkle, your rough, raw, raspy voice marries well with your raw lyrical meanderings which contain all the essentials: love, hate, death — and dropping shits in Mission. I like the smarts, maturity and the cheekiness.

You asked Rum Runner. There you go. I suppose now the question is — what does a review mean to you?