Spun: The Unit Breed

By Jordyn Marcellus

One word that’s been abused in modern music journalism is the term psychedelic. Once referring to a very specific brand of spacey, atmospheric and vaguely surreal-sounding music, now it’s used as a lazy catch-all for anything even slightly difficult to describe.

The Unit Breed’s Always Distance the Lonely is a perfect modern straight-up psychedelic rock album. The album is dark — pitch black — at times, with vocalist/guitarist Joseph Demaree’s slinky riffs accompanied by his own quiet, deeply-mixed vocals. “Under Palms” starts off as a strange punk rock song, but ends up being a powerfully hallucinatory track.

The band’s hazy guitar-work sounds like it was crafted in a basement between a fine fog of pot smoke. “Believe” is a great example; it’s a calm number that slow-builds into bone-crunching riffs and heavily distorted guitars, finally culminating in a warbling, distorted sound bite which leaves the skin crawling. It’s an addicting feeling, much like the rest of the album.

Always Distance the Lonely is a bad trip in the best possible way. Fans of prog- and psychedelic rock won’t be disappointed.

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