Former Mexican president talks leadership

By Tristan Taylor

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox spoke to students at the University of Calgary on Oct. 5. He is the first guest in a series of events hosted by the UC International’s new speaker series. The goal of the program is to bring international awareness to campus.

During his speech Fox discussed Latin American history and the future of world economics. He then tied these topics into the importance of leadership.

“We are all born leaders. We are leaders all of our lives. We are leaders in any activity we choose.”

He said hockey is an example of how kids learn to be leaders here.

From a young age, kids who play hockey are taught the values of leadership, giving them experience. Leadership, said Fox, is an everyday mindset and process that develops throughout life.

Fox gave a small history lesson detailing Latin America’s past 100 years, whilst weaving in the importance of leadership.

Latin America has progressed from a dictatorship filled culture, to being one of democracy and equality, said Fox, insisting this is because of the leadership of citizens.

By taking their lives into their own hands, they could provide for themselves and make progress in the world’s economy.

NAFTA, said Fox, is the only way North America will be able to compete in the future world economy. According to statistics that Fox quoted, by 2040, China will be the world’s largest economy, followed by the United States, Japan, England and then Mexico.

He insisted that we must work together as an economic block to survive in an increasingly volatile world climate.

If we use our leadership skills and work together as responsible citizens, we will be productive members of society, he said.

Fox spoke to a group of students and faculty at the MacEwan Students Centre.

After a 40-minute speech, attendees were given the chance to ask the former Mexican president questions.

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