Halloween: a time for spooky, sexy fun

By Anna Wolff and Rob Siewert

With Halloween fast approaching, everyone is in a flutter to find the skankiest costumes and twist their childhood memories into a “get laid quick” scheme. And that’s okay. We fully support the fact that Halloween is a time for the creepy and crawly, but also the super hot. But let’s face it, you buy a costume for a night on the town, hoping to attract a sexy single to share in a night of naughty Halloween nookie. The problem is the costume is often way too expensive for its own good, made out of shoddy materials and will only be used once. Or will it? The whole world is trying to play green, and reuse and recycle. Why not reuse that awesome cheerleader costume you bought two years ago? Role playing is a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life and make you feel confident in the bedroom.

Role playing is a simple, easy way to spice up a vanilla sex life without pushing your boundaries too far right off the bat. Being interested in role playing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a fetish for whatever your partner is dressed up as, being excited to hook up with a sexy maid doesn’t mean that your boyfriend can’t be trusted around the cleaning staff, and a night with a naughty nurse doesn’t mean you’ll find him prowling hospitals looking for the real thing. Dress up isn’t just for the ladies either; cliche options for guys include mechanic, firefighter, doctor and cop. To stick with the Halloween theme, you could even dress up as a vampire for the Twilight lover in your life.

Role playing can also be a gateway into lighter kink like bondage and spanking– you might not be comfortable being handcuffed to the bed normally, but when a fantasy police officer is involved it could be more fun. A romp in the wild with a zookeeper can bring out the animal in you and you can find out how it feels to work your whip as Indiana Jones or a lion tamer! Who can say no to a light spanking from a teacher that isn’t your professor or a severe librarian just learning to explore their naughty side?

Introducing role playing can be a nervous situation if you haven’t already discussed it. While in bed, ask if your partner has any fantasies, and let the conversation grow from there. Suggest a night taking turns acting out each other’s fantasy. Gauge the response you get from your partner. If they seem totally up for it, go for it! Start out slow if you sense some hesitation, suggest that you take turns just dressing up for the other person, whether it be some new lingerie, or the complete Slave Leia costume you ebay-ed two months ago, “just in case.”

Role playing can encompass the act of, well, acting out your respective fantasies, but sometimes it is as simple as putting on a pair of stilettos and doing the deed in an area of the house you don’t often have sex in. Role playing is a way to increase your sexual confidence, and deliver a fantastic shock to your lover. Re-using old costumes is an ideal way to transition into this, perhaps ask for a sneak preview of your lover’s costume and for a little early Halloween fun. The options are essentially limitless. Don’t have old Halloween costumes? There are always things lying around the house, just begging to be used in your covert nightly activities. Household items can offer a cheap and spontaneous way to excite yourself and your lover. Here are some easy costumes that can be introduced to your sex life!

A sexy school girl just needs a pair of fishnets, a short skirt and a blouse you can tie up. Add pig tails, and put a pencil in your hair and you are good for a night of detention. This is Calgary, so a cowboy or cowgirl costume is as easy as busting out a checkered shirt, the straw hat that came with your beer this summer and a pair of jeans. Boots are great too, but don’t sweat it if you don’t have any, you’re just going to be kicking them off anyway. Another simple option is to throw on some workout wear and give your lover a night of sexy stretching and “personal training.”

Just remember no matter what you are doing to keep it safe and healthy, and if role playing isn’t for you sometimes you don’t need to dress up, if all your lover really wants is for you to go down.

Also, check out Sexual Awareness Day, on Oct. 22, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. around MSC. So put down your copy of the Gauntlet, and go explore all things sexy! Also coming up in Calgary is the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show, Nov. 12-15. It gathers together entertainers, your favourite bars and loads of stores to get goodies from. So play safe and keep reading! Shoot us your ideas and suggestions at campuscoitus@hotmail.com.

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