Spun: Parlour Steps

By Alicia Ward

The Parlour Steps have composed a very catchy infinitely listenable album in The Hidden Names. The songs never become old due to the constantly shifting nature of the album.

From upbeat, to slow moving tracks, Names is more than an enjoyable listen — it’s an album you cannot help but tap your foot to.

Parlour Steps’ unique sound is conveyed in “Soft Lies,” which utilizes trumpet and a head-bobbing melody. Like most of the songs, the feeling of happiness washes over and offers an experience meant to renew the love for musical creativity.

The Hidden Names is a perfect soundtrack for the city, complete with songs for long train rides and early morning drives. “Sleeping City,” with its unique sound, is especially captivating. With such lyrics as, “Find a love/find a love/deep enough to scare us,” The Hidden Names focuses on the seemingly trivial but important experiences in life and offers a meaningful and easily relatable disc chock full of feel-good hits.